Code Coverage not appearing in Sonarqube , it's showing on Azure Devops though

Hi All,
I am using Sonarqube 7.9.3 in my Azure Devops pipeline to scan .Net projects .
I can see that all the unit tests are running with the pipeline and also coverage result is showing in the build summary within Azure DevOps . But it’s showing as 0.0 % in Sonarqube .
What’s strange is I have other project within same Azure DevOps organisation for which coverage is showing in Sonarqube . And build definition is same in both pipeline .

Can anyone guide why it’s exporting the coverage data for one and not for other ?
What eactly I need to fix here ?

Can I have any help here ? I mam still stuck at this issue . Not sure how to resolve .

Hi @Rehan

Can you please send the log of the Run Code Analysis task in debug mode please ? That will help to troubleshoot.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mikhael ,

I am trying to post the logs but i can’t since the lines of code limit is there .
Logs is much more in terms of lines compared to the limit.
How should I shared you the logs ?