Clarification on HTML quality profile

Hi We have upgraded from 7.3 to 7.9.1 LTS
We found that an existing project did not have any HTML quality profile associated with it it’s quality gate was in pass state, however when a new scan was done using the new version, the default HTML profile sonarway got attached and it starting throwing quality errors for HTML and hence the quality gate failed

I am jus tryn to understand if HTML scanning wasn’t there in the previous version, as there wasnt any HTML profile… Please note that there wasn’t any change in the code… Or is there any change in the exclusions command between the earlier and current versions.


What types of files were these new issues raised on? Each new version of SonarQube includes the analyzer versions that are current at the time. We’ve put some work into the HTML analyzer since 7.3, so in essence the analyzer got smarter and now it’s probably recognizing HTML in files that it didn’t see before.


I think so, it had detected few violations for HTML, however no much issues now… thx