SQ 8.9 founds critical issues not found in SQ 6.7 but no change in custom Quality Profile

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  • which versions are you using (SonarQube8.9 LTS, Maven Scanner 3.x
  • what are you trying to achieve
    We have a maven project containing some JSP files. This project is using our custom quality profile instead of default one. The SQ 6.7.4 found not critical issue but after upgrade to SQ 8.9, some critical issues are report. Custom quality profile ( Sonar Way Htlm custom) was not change at all after the upgrade.
    The critical issues are related to these rules:
  1. JSP expressions should not be used ,category
  2. Javascript scriptlets should not have too many lines of code category:

So we cannot explain why the issues are reported.

Hey there.

For which language do you have a custom quality profile? JSP files began to be analyzed in SonarQube v7.6 by default (the Web/HTML analyzer had not been included previously)

Now it makes sense why we didn’t see this issue in 6.7.4.
For profile, we have it for Java, HTML, and JavaScript. The rules mentioned were in HTML profile.

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