Changing Azure DevOps PATs in SonarCloud

I am changing the personal access token to my organisation, under “Azure DevOps connectivity management”, replacing one that’s already there. When I submit the form, I get no response (no acknowledgement or error), and the change hasn’t taken effect. I took a look at the Network tab of dev tools (in Chrome) and the request to bind_organization received a response of 401 containing “Received HTML content instead of JSON.”

Note, I get the same error if I call the API directly via the suggestion in Unable to replace Azure DevOps Personal Access Token - #4 by AdeZwart.

The HTML in question contains this error message:

Microsoft Internet Explorer’s Enhanced Security Configuration is currently enabled on your environment. This enhanced level of security prevents our web integration experiences from displaying or performing correctly. To continue with your operation please disable this configuration or contact your administrator.


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It looks like the error is on the Azure side with not much that can be done on our side.