Change the generated PDF design


In my company we’re using SonarQube Enterprise Edition (version 8.1) because the portfolio and reporting capacities were very interesting for reporting to the higher-ups.
The portfolio and all the screens are excellent to have a global views on the applications and their marks, the only point that is missing is a true pdf report; we were expecting the report to be like the “Portfolio health factors” page (/portfolio?id=), but it’s not and to be honest it’s useless for our reporting.
You should consider rendering the “Portfolio health factors” in pdf, it would be more useful for reporting.
Another enhancement would be to be able to generate a report which is the aggregation of several portfolios report: for example, on the portfolio page, we could select which portfolios we want to be aggregated (checkbox) and then generate a report with all these portfolios, an aggregration of the reports of each of these portfolios.

I hope my request will be taken into account, it would be a great enhancement.

As far as I’m concerned, sonarqube is the best tool for code analysis, thanks for your hard work on it and keep up the good work.

Best regards,


Coming back on this request, and more specifically on the health factors, can you please elaborate on what is missing from your point of view? The spider chart is supposed to give you a synthetic view of those metrics.


Hello Chris,

 The spider chart is giving a synthetic view of those metrics, but I would like to have a detailed view (like on the portfolio health factors page) of all the projects of a portfolio in one pdf file; management won't be accessing sonarqube UI, they prefer having a pdf with all those reports.
I hope my explanation is clear enough for you.

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