Can't clone with Multibranch pipeline

Hello everybody,

SonarQube version: 8.6

I’m trying to integrate Sonar-Jenkins-Github_enterprise following the guides but, each time i try to configure a Multibranch Pipeline with a GitHub instance, Jenkins try to validate vs api

If i use Git, i can clone the repository into jenkins and manually start a sonar analysis. I’m not able to run it automaticaly, but that is another battle to figth in later.

If i try with GitHub, Jenkins can read the repo, but there’s no way to clone it into Jenkins server. He always complain about ssh validation. I don’t know how to border that because on doc’s theres is always said that must be with https and not with ssh

More info:

  • i’m using Nginx proxy server and Jenkins does not complain about config (firstly yes, he complain about redirection but now no)

  • webhook on Github enterprise looks fine


  • I configure Github on both Manage Jenkins → System config → GitHub & GitHub Enterprise servers

But nothing change.

Any advice?

Thank you very mutch.


This looks like an SSH/HTTPS issue with GitHub, so I think your debugging needs to happen on that side. This is out of SonarQube’s scope.