Multi Branch Jenkins sonarqube

Hi Team,

I am looking forward to explore the Implementation of Sonarqube on Jenkins multi branch pipeline for my customer , As far as I know Sonarqube doesn’t have an direct option for that and I heard that you may be need to go with Developer Edition for which I am fine with that.

Can you please share details how to setup multi branch pipeline setup scanning for Jenkins with Sonarqube , It would be helpful for me if you share any documentation regarding that .

Hi @vinodkumar4b9,

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You’re correct, branch and PR analysis is available in Developer Edition and up.

Once you have installed the Jenkins branch source plugin corresponding to your ALM (Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab) you can follow the in-app tutorial in SonarQube (if you’re running the most recent version). Or there are starting instructions here and you can find the full Jenkins configuration guide here.



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