Cannot get more than 10000 results through web API

I need to get more than 10000 issues result through sonarqube web service, but the response is ‘msg":"Can return only the first 10000 results’. What can i do to get all results of the search?


What is your use case ? Why do you need to load so much issues ?


When there are more than 10000 results, the only way to get the rest is to split your query to multiple, more refined queries with more strict filters, such that each query returns less than 10000 results. And then combine the query results to obtain your complete target result set.

This limitation to 10000 results applies to web services that are backed by ElasticSearch index, and there’s just no way around it, the web service would have to be reimplemented without using ElasticSearch. That will probably happen at some point, but currently it’s not being planned.

Thank You…

Is there no way to solve this problem?