Cannot Disable Automatic Analysis

Hello! I am using SonarCloud with a GitHub repository, and trying to disable Automatic Analysis so that I can set up CI analysis with CircleCI. When I go to Administration → Analysis Method and try to toggle Automatic Analysis, it does not toggle off and I get the following error:

Hey @srstedman

I’ve been able to reproduce the issue when I have two projects configured as a monorepo, but I only configured that monorepo after one project was analyzed with Automatic Analysis. Could that be what’s happening here?

Hi Colin! Yes, I did try to configure this and another project as a monorepo, it’s possible that Automatic Analysis ran prior to that. Is there a workaround or a way to convert this project from a monorepo back to a regular project?

Hey there.

Right now, the only workaround I know of would be to delete that other project. And, I’ve reported the bug internally — so let’s see what the team comes back with. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I deleted the other project and now I am able to disable Automatic Analysis!