Cannot change organisation PAT

Our company has merged with another company and as a result all of our Personal Access Tokens from the old company have expired. This has caused three (probably related) issues:

Our organisation is “banachtechnology”

Can anyone help us?

Welcome to the community, and sorry about the delay!

I don’t understand the problem, let’s try to clarify what’s happening.

How do you try to add new projects? (I assume that “banachtechnology” is the existing organization you are referring to, on SonarCloud.)

What prevents you from updating it? How do you try, and what happens?

Hi Janos, apologies just seen your response.

‘banachtechnology’ is the organisation, yes. When I say I cannot add new projects, I’m referring to this:

The result is:

Furthermore, I cannot update the organisation PAT because the option under org admin settings just keeps displaying a spinning icon under Azure Devops connectivity management, like so:

(I’m assuming that’s where I would be able to update it.)

Sorry for the long silence, I lost track of this thread.

Is this still a problem for you? If yes, please trigger the failure again, and I will see what I can find in our logs.

Hi Janos,

Ah it’s okay actually. We’ve stopped using SonarCloud in this organisation altogether now and will create a new organisation if we re-enable.

Thanks for getting back.

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