Can someone please explain: AXLrGKmW7HNDppQmKHg_

I do not understand the error message: Project or branch in report (spb-kyc-app) does not match the project or branch under which it was submitted (spb-kyc-app:BRANCH:develop)

Hi @rexsuecia and welcome to the community.

Which CI are you using ? How did you configure your analysis ?


Hi, and super thanks for replying.

I am running it locally, using sonar scanner on Win 10. The same error is present if I run it through GitLab pipelines.

This only happens for this specific project (I have about ten others that work with the same CI) and it only happens when I run on “develop” branch. And it is 100% present when running on develop.

Thanks. And which kind of sonar properties do you pass to the Scanner ? Do you have maybe a property that have been overridden somewhere ?

Absolutely. This is the property file I send,

# Note that most settings are done in the web console, so
# There is basically no reason for you to edit this.
sonar.projectName=KYC Frontend

There are of course loads of properties set in as well. I cannot remember modifying them though. And again, I use the same set-up for several projects and this error is only present in this project and only when I run on develop branch