Failed Analysis - AXhcBFn9pTYaVWDuVBHl

Hello, we have configured this scan to run via GitHub actions but it keeps erroring out. I can see the analysis of commits to sub-branches but not the main.


Hi @SecurityDan,

Welcome to the community! I would advise you check the messages displayed for your project in the ‘Background Tasks’? (from your Project in SonarCloud: Administration, Background Tasks, locate an analysis for your main branch and check the SonarScanner (and Error, if any) details.


Hi Alex,

The error details are as such:

“Project or branch in report (#####) does not match the project or branch under which it was submitted (#####:BRANCH:develop)”

but I can’t find where that is listed anywhere in our repo


Hi @SecurityDan,

Sorry to get back to you so late. Is this still an issue? If yes, can you please tell me a recent analysis ID that fails this way? (The previous one is too old, we don’t have enough logs to investigate anymore.)

Also, has the analysis ever worked for this project? If not, you could try to drop the project on SonarCloud, and reimport from scratch.