Can I scan Github and Gitlab projects under the same organization?


I have a paid account on sonarcloud with 2million LoC and I have created an organization to scan projects from github. Can I use the same orgnization to scan projects from Gitlab as well?


Hello Pradeep,

Unfortunately this is not possible under one organization. To start scanning your GitLab projects you have to connect with your GitLab account and setup a new organization. Let me know if you have any other questions in that regard.


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How does this impact billing?

I have a similar problem; my organisation is bound to an Azure DevOps org, but we have some projects in a GitHub team that I’d like to include (especially because they’re open-source that we then typically use within Azure DevOps closed-source projects).

I don’t really want to maintain two SonarCloud organisations and two sets of billing for that.

@Martin_Bednorz Are there any plans to create a more seamless experience for real-world organizations that use more than one SCM host such as Bitbucket and GitHub or GitLab and Azure DevOps? We’re in the process of moving to GitHub from Bitbucket, and it looks like we’ll have to discard the entire history and switch over billing just to be able to get SonarCloud to report on our GitHub project pull requests, not to mention that it will forcibly remove me from the old org because I used the same email address for Bitbucket and GitHub.

@phildye for that use-case you will have the best experience when using two organizations. From what I understood from your previous message the projects on GitHub are open source and thus you won’t need another set of billing necessarily. For me to understand the problem better, what other items would you need to keep in sync between the two organizations?

@StuporHero we do not have any concrete plans right now. Regarding your last point: in general it should be possible to use two different accounts (e.g. a GitHub and Bitbucket one) with the same email address. There is only a small feature set that stops working for the account that is currently not actively used (email notifications, automatic issue assignment). Or do you have something else in mind?

@Martin_Bednorz Hi, Martin. Thanks for responding. I wound up starting my own thread and had everything answered there.