Can I configure Analyisis Properties when using the Github Application?

I am trying to configure some ignores in a project using the sonarcloud github app. I can’t find a place to do this, I do see the github action provides more robust integration but I was hoping to keep things simple and use the app.

Can I set Analysis Properties on a project that uses the Github App?

Hello @joseGleeson ,

Yes, those settings are available when using the GitHub App as well. In which language is your project written in? That might determine in more detail what options are available to you.

In any case, you can always go to the SonarCloud UI and configure some of the analysis parameters (Project → Administration).

@Martin_Bednorz Thanks that is what all the docs say but I can’t find it. Does just using the the file with the app work? I have got that working with the github action.

This depends on if you are using automatic analysis. Do you have a CI task set up to run the analysis, or is it automatically triggered and run on our side? If it is the later, instead of using the file you have to use the one. You can find some documentation on that file here.
Otherwise you can just continue using the configuration file.

Thank you I have it both ways so this helps both ways :slight_smile:

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