SonarCloud Automatic Analysis not available for GitHub TypeScript repository


We are having some issues with SonarCloud integration with GitHub. Specifically: Automatic Analysis feature.
Our organization is linked to GitHub account and when we add a new project for analysis, we can select one of our repositories. However, once repository is selected and the project is initialized (Typescript project), we do not see “SonarCloud Automatic Analysis - Configure analysis” option. The only options that are available to us are Travis, other CI tools and Manual. This option was there in the past as we already have couple of projects setup successfully. We are on the paid plan.

Many thanks for any suggestions.


We currently have an issue in the tutorial preventing to display the automatic analysis feature for private projects, sorry about that. We didn’t have time to fix it yet but we are tracking it and we will tackle it in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime you can still use the automatic analysis on your project since it’s using Typescript, you only need to create a file in your repo to activate it. You can find more details about how to set it up and how to customize it in our automatic analysis documentation.