Build wrapper exits in between build with socket error


I am a newbie to Sonarqube and had done setup to measure the code quality for my project. Everything was perfect and working fine till I started receiving the following error message from last few weeks:

build-wrapper:connect to /tmp/build-wrapper-socket.xxxxxx: No such file or directory

From the log, I can see that the socket path was created at the start of the build and it proceeds normally. I don’t find any error message in the log file, but the return code is 1. However, my build exits soon after this error is thrown by build-wrapper. Tried to figure out what casued the issue, but was in vain.

Please help with a solution.

NB: /tmp is in network and not a local directory. I also doubt if it is some network issue. To confirm it, do we have any method to use some other directory other than tmp?

Hi @Anzz,

it is likely the cause of the issue.

Unfortunately it is always created in /tmp. Wouldn’t you be able to change /tmp to non network drive?

Will have to check with IT team on that… Do you have any other possible suggestions?

Hi @Anzz,

not at the moment, sorry.