Failed to compile C with BuildWrapper tool

I’m compile my code with BuildWrapper, and I failed do finish the process.
During the compilation I got this error and then the process end (with failure)
When I compile the code without the BuildWrapper, command done with success.

build-wrapper: connect to /tmp/build-wrapper-socket.q1itPg: Permission denied

Version: build-wrapper, version 6.1 (linux-x86)

Hello @benyahu,

Please update to the lastest build-wrapper and Cfamily analyzer version.

If the issue is still there make sure that the previous build has ended before running the new one.

Let me know if you still face this issue after.

I download the new BuildWrapper execution.
(build-wrapper, version 6.3 (linux-x86))

I’m not run any other process in parallel.
this is very strange issue, because when I clone the master code, the issue not happened.
But when I checkout some TAG (from GIT) this is happened, just with the tool.