Build-wrapper-dump.json empty after moving to Android 10 from Android 8

We used SonarQube to do a full scan of the Android 8 build for our product, and with a few exclusions we always managed to produce a succesful buil-wrapper and scan.

Now we moved to Android 10 for our project and since this switch over our build-wrapper-dump.json stays empty.

SonarQube version: Version 8.8 (build 42792)
Build-wrapper version: build-wrapper, version 6.18 (linux-x86)
Sonar-Scanner version: SonarScanner

I feel it must be something simple, but what would be first things I’d need to check please ?

Hi @gjvdheuvel ,

are you using soong build system? If it is the case you may be affected by [CPP-2372] build-wrapper-linux should be able to capture "go" processes creation - SonarSource. soong should be able to generate a JSON Compilation Database and you can configure the analysis with the compilation database instead, available in SonarQube > 9.0. You are currently using 8.8, an old version of SonarQube, I would recommend you to upgrade to the latest version.

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This indeed seems highly likely, and kind of similar to what we’re experiencing. We will try the upgrade first :slight_smile:

Hi @gjvdheuvel ,

let me know if you are going to face any other issues.

Hi @mpaladin ,

We’ve updated to 9.3 developer edition now and today started a new build-wrapper on our android 10 build with also the updated build-wrapper (v6.30) but the result file still stays empty.


Is the only thing that is in the build-wrapper-dump.json file

Hi @gjvdheuvel ,

have you tried with the compilation database?

If you cannot upgrade SonarQube version you can have a look at the instructions on this ticket: [CPP-1428] Add support for JSON Compilation Database - SonarSource.

Using the python script allows me to do the scanner again. The work around seems to help here.
Is the bug going to be fixed so we don’t need the work around at some point ?

Hi @gjvdheuvel ,

what bug are you talking about?

This one, it seems to be open still

Hi @gjvdheuvel ,

android build system soong is able to generate the compilation database, this is the recommended way when using soong.