Brand new database shows 12 nonexistant projects in side bar

Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

  • SonarQube version
  • Datbase: SQL 2019 (Latin1_General_CS_AS)
  • error observed: there are 12 non existent projects and 6,806 non existent issues in a brand new database
  • Create a new blank database, login, and look at the home page. It will say that there are 12 projects, when there are infact none in the database. Then click issues. It will say 0 of 6806 shown. Go to project management to verify there are no projects.
  • potential workaround: no idea

Hi. Try this:

  • stop the SonarQube server
  • delete the data/es7 directory
  • start SonarQube server

omg thank you!

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