Branch analys informarion

Hi Guys,

I’m validating branchs analys and see that don’t have all information in branch dashboard. See attachmant images.

Do I configure sonarqube to show the same view to all branchs?



it seems you’re using a version before 8.1
that has still short-lived = your first picture
and long-lived branches = your second picture, the master is the default long-lived branch with
a full dashboard.
Since Sonarqube 8.1, a branch is a branch and all branches have a full dashboard.
So upgrade to Sonarqube 8.1 and all of your branches will have the same dashboard.


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Good afternoon, thanks for help me, but my version is not before 7.9, see image.

Sorry, should have been Sonarqube 8.1, see edit.
See SonarQube 8.1 released

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Hello, no problem

I’m update my envirnoment and coming soon report here.


Its Work.

The update 8.1 is realy great.
Congratulations Team SonarSource.