Last 5 Analysis on same branch?

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I’m using Sonarqube developer edition 7.5.
One developer did analysis on same branch multiple times but how can we see previous analysis. I have seen in background tasks but it is directing into same report. Is there anywhere Do I need to change settings.
Please reply asap. Thanks in adavnce. @Gerald_Mucke

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Hello Venkat,

here my asap response: Given the details you’re given, especially that you’re running the (commercial) development version of Sonarqube, I don’t feel to be the right person to give you a profound response as I am in no way affiliated with SonarSource nor am I part of any Support organization. I’m curious how you got the impression I could be the right person to address?
Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t be of any help to you.


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Ohh my bad. I seen couple of issues how you resolved. That’s why I asked help.
Sorry about that.

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Hi @venkat255,

You need to immediately cease invoking people who have not already volunteered their help by choosing to chime in on your thread.

There is no “ASAP” in this community. If you want “ASAP” then you need to investigate purchasing commercial support.


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Sorry about invoking people. But this issue I have raisen last week it self

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The UI is always going to show you latest values. For long-lived branches, you can use web services (api/measures/search_history) to pull metric values from previous analyses. I’m not sure that’s available for short-lived branches and PRs.