Blocked: Generic test coverage is not generic

Dear support,
in our project we are using the D Programming Language. While we are able to to upload generic issue data for the D project, it fails for generic test coverage.

Although there is already another issue and bug reports, I was asked by @ganncamp to create another issue to purse this bug:

[SONAR-12015] Allow unknown languages in generic test coverage reports - SonarSource Allow unknown languages in generic test coverage reports

Please enable generic test coverage for the D programming language similar to generic issues.

Kind regards

Really stupid workaround for now:
I create for every D file a wrapper Python file, which has the D coding as comment and looks like this:

       # import std.stdio;

       # void main()
       # {
a=0    # writeln("Edit source/app.d to start your project.");
       # }

From the D coverage files *.lst I create cobertura xml files with python semantics:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<coverage branch-rate="0" branches-covered="0" branches-valid="0" complexity="0" line-rate="1" lines-covered="1" lines-valid="1" timestamp="1581936579347" version="5.0">
		<source>/media/jenkinsworkspace2/workspace/Newton Pipelines/digital-twin-framework/master/py</source>
		<package branch-rate="0" complexity="0" line-rate="1" name="digitaltwin">
				<class branch-rate="0" complexity="0" filename="source/" line-rate="1" name="">
						<line hits="1" number="5"/>

Therefore I have the code and the coverage in SonarQube with the drawback of having it listed as
python project.