BitBucket pull requests not showing scan result

Our PRs don’t show any Sonar results. This used to work more than 6 months ago with v1.2.1 of plugin but it stopped working, so I upgraded to 1.3.0 and yields same result.

This is how I’m running:

          - pipe: sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:1.3.0
              SONAR_TOKEN: ${SONAR_TOKEN}
              EXTRA_ARGS: '-Dsonar.sources=controllers,utils,schemas,services -Dsonar.test.inclusions=**/tests/** -Dsonar.projectBaseDir=/opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/ -Dsonar.cpd.exclusions=**/* -Dsonar.scm.provider=git -Dsonar.eslint.reportPaths=eslint-report.json -Dsonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths=coverage/'

Hey there.

Do you see results for the Pull Request in SonarCloud itself? That’s the first thing we should check.

I’ve got the same issue. I can see the PR in SonarCloud, but the widget request returns a 404 - Pull Request not found. Anyone got a solution?