Bitbucket pipeline Quality Gate failed: Could not fetch quality gate status

Hi there, I can’t get the Quality Gate pipeline step to work on js project on Bitbucket.

  • ALM used Bitbucket Cloud
  • CI system used Bitbucket Cloud
  • Scanner command used when applicable: sonarsource/sonarcloud-quality-gate:0.1.3
  • javascript
  • Error observed Quality Gate failed: Could not fetch quality gate status: b’{“errors”:[{“msg”:“Analysis with id ‘None’ is not found”}]}’
  • Potential workaround: none


I think I manage to reproduce the error.
It should happen if the paid plan of your organization has expired, or the number of LOC has exceeded your license limit.

Can you confirm this is the case for you?


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Yes it was LOC. I had 4 projects in there but have only configured and run 1, which was below the LOC limit on my license. It was probably the other 3 projects that did not get configured yet contributing to LOC count as they had no exclusion for node_modules…

Thank you for getting back to me. If there is a way to get little more descriptive error for this type of exception it would be great.

Thanks for confirming.

I have created a ticket to improve the message:
You can watch it to get notified when the fix is available. We will also post an update to this thread.


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