Background task failing for master branch

Hi Team,

We have a PL/SQL project that integrated with sonarcloud and its showing analysis successfull in pipeline for the master branch but the background task reporting on the sonarcloud dashboard fails with the following error:

Error Message
Project or branch in report (project-key) does not match the project or branch under which it was submitted (project-key:BRANCH:master)

the same configuration works fine for the feature branches and PRs but background task failing when we raise PR to master branch and even failing direct analysis on master. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ALM used: GitHub
CI system used : GitHub Actions
Languages of the repository: PL/SQL

Thank you!

Hi ,
Any update on this.

Hello @rajitha66, welcome to the community, and sorry for the delayed response.

I need a few pieces of information to debug the issue you are facing:

  1. Are you using the SonarCloud GH Action or do you configure your scan in another way?
  2. Have you set any properties manually (like

Hi @Sarath_Nair
Yeah we have used SonarCloud GH Action for the configuration and not used any of the manual parameters.

The issue is resolved. The problem was with the Long-lived branches pattern which was set to master. It should be set to default (branch|release)-.* as the default branch is treated as a long-living branch.

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