AzureSSO - Username already in use by another user but user not actually there

Re-activated AAD user once assigned to the SSO group not able to login to with error message username is already in use by some other user.

Greetings @kzintan – to confirm this user was once able to login to SonarCloud but now they are not?

Correct …
User had left the company so account got de-activated and then deleted from AAD but then rejoined a few years later (now) and account was re-created .

Thank you !

Hey @kzintan

Thanks for letting us know.

We have an issue where some very users (who are coming back to the service) have issues logging in.

We are not fixing individual cases anymore and plan a real fix in January.

You can keep an eye on this topic for updates:

Right , thanks for letting me know…

Would if i change that users upn work around it ?

@kzintan My understanding of the issue tells me that would indeed allow a user to login.

Hi Colin,

Happy new year !

I had not have the chance to re-create the user as that would take a considerable amount of work from both sides.

Do we have an update if the issue has been resovled ?

Hey @kzintan

The issue has not been resolved yet. I still expect for it to get worked on this month or next.