Azure DevOps task .NET Core 2.0 -> 3.1 update

Hi Azure DevOps folks,

Due to the end of support of .NET Core 2.0, we have updated our Azure DevOps tasks (available for SonarCloud & SonarQube) to require .NET Core 3.1 SDK if you are using C# or VB.NET (using the “Integrate with MSBuild” option).

If you are building under Windows, you have nothing to worry about because the scanner will run under .NET framework 4.6.
If you are building under Linux/MacOs, you should make sure the machine hosting your build agent has .NET Core 3.1 SDK installed.


Hi Folks

Just to clarify the impact of this change - for most users using azure hosted agents the .NET Core 3.1 SDK will already be installed and there should be no impact. For people that had applied a workaround to install .NET Core 2.0 using the UseDotNetCore task this will now need to be removed (or the version switched to 3.1). Hopefully this doesn’t impact too many people and I apologise in advance if it does, we will look at doing a better job of giving prior warning and task versioning if there is an impact in the future.