Azure Devops extension moving from dotnet framework to dotnet core

With the latest updates of the azure devops extension we’re apparently migrating from the .net framework version of the scanner to the dotnet core version.

This is IMO a breaking change in some environments, it should have had a major version bump instead of minor, and should have been announced somewhere. This change requires dotnet core be installed on all buildservers where it might not have been previously. Since azure devops extensions auto-update there was no way for administrators to prepare for this change…

Unless I missed the announcement that this was going to happen, I think you guys dropped the ball here IMO. And then I’m not even talking about the immediate bugs everyone experienced with the new version. (,

Hi @Rouke.Broersma.IS

No it shouldn’t. While it was saying “Using .NET Core” version, it was in fact the .NET Framework executing,

Anyway with the latest rollback, everything should be back to normal. Can you confirm ?

Thank you and sorry for that.



Okay. Well in that case I recommend that you don’t add that message until it is true :slight_smile:

I would request that when the time comes it would be a breaking change and that we get notified in advance.

There seems to be some lag in when azure devops server download extension updates so for on-premises I cannot confirm, for azure devops cloud it seems to be working again.

That was a mistake indeed, fixed in version 5.0.2 of the Scanner for MSBuild (and as you may know, not shipped yet for AzDo extension for SonarQube).

And yes, this download issue is scratching my head, i’m not sure now that the latest complain were true, as i was not able to reproduce those issue so far on my side (the license check thing).

Thanks for your understanding.

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