Sonarqube run analysis fails in Azure devops with .Net core 3.x

We have developers edition of sonarqube ( The run analysis fails in azure devops pipeline with .Net core 3.x with the below message.

Hi @skeshava and welcome to the community !

Which Scanner and which version of it are you using ?

The latest Scanner for MSBuild (4.8.0) does support “.netcore3 only installed” on agents, but still the Azure DevOps extension needs to be updated on our side with that new version.



Hi Michael,

Thank you for the response. We have been automating the code analysis with our CI/CD pipelines hence been using Sonar Scanner for Azure Devops only. If I download Sonar Scanner for MSBuild, will it have any impact on the license we purchased for sonarqube developers edition? Is there an estimated timeframe on when we can have Azure devops extension for .NET core 3.x? Does Scanner for MSBuild (4.8.0) supports .NET core 3.1?



No impact for using either Scanners, they are both free and Open source :wink:

The latest version is compatible with .NET Core 3.x


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