Azure DevOps login makes new account almost every time

I have been logging in using Azure DevOps for over a year with sonarcloud. This month, there seems to be an issue with the integration. The login page says that my email is going to be associated with a new account, and then the new account does not have access to my company’s organization. Has anyone else run into this issue with DevOps or other third party login methods?

Hello @Ben_Wozniak,

Did your organization do tenant migration recently? We associate the accounts in Azure DevOps with an ID that is provided by Azure DevOps upon login so it may be the case that your ID has changed in your organization (this usually happens when organizations do tenant migration).


No, not that I am aware of. It happened twice in 2 days which was strange, another coworker of mine had it happen once, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent. No one else in our organization experienced this.

Thanks for the information. I will check on my side before coming back to you. Can you tell me if is it still happening or if you were able to log back into your old account that has an association with the organization? Do you have a screenshot by any chance? Do you always log in by azure or you tried to log in by different provider: GitHub/GitLab etc.?

It has not happened since I opened this ticket, ironically. It only logs me in with the newest account we created so I removed the other ones from the organization. I have only logged in via Azure DevOps, not GitHub/GitLab etc. The weirdest thing is that this only happened to me and one other person in our organization, we have 20+ people logging in to this organization.

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 10.48.08 AM

This is the screen I was seeing though. Thank you for looking into it!

Hey @Ben_Wozniak,

I investigated the issue. Once you login to SonarCloud through Azure DevOps, we follow the Microsoft recommendation to take into account the id of the user as well as the id of the organization to correctly identify the user provided by Azure (the id in Azure DevOps of the user is only unique within the tenant).

It looks like both of your accounts have different organization ID (or in Azure DevOps lingo, ‘tenant’ ID) and different user ID so that is why you have been detected as the new user.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hi @Ben_Wozniak ,
did you finally figure out what was happening? Is it still a problem? Have you tried to click on Continue?