Azure Devops commit link is incorrect in the interface

I’m using SonarCloud with Azure Devops of my organisation (private project).

The various links in the interface (Branches view, Pull requests view…) that provide access to a commit in an Azure Devops Git repository are incorrect.
The pattern _git /<repository_name> is present twice in the generated url.
Example :
instead of :
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Hello @xjosse,

Is your organization bound to Azure DevOps? (can you see the AzureDevOps logo next to your org name?)
What properties are you passing when analyzing the PR?


Hi @Marcin_Majewski

Yes, our organization is bound to Azure DevOps.
Everything works well.
Only the links are incorrect.
Here, extraProperties of Maven Task :
In addition, these links seem to do not depend on Maven, since they are links on commit, so Git concept.

Hi @xjosse,

It should be fixed now.
Can you check if it is working for you now?


Hi @Marcin_Majewski

Thank you for this feedback.
It is working fine now.

Best regards
Xavier Josse

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