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Where and how I can change link to AzureDevops on project level because it is leading to incorrect project on AzureDevOps?

SonarCloud analysis is working fine for builds that are not related to PR but for those that are related to PR I am getting following error:
Caused by: Error 404 on : {“errors”:[{“msg”:“Requested resource wasn’t found on Azure DevOps.”,“reason”:“AZURE_DEVOPS_UNABLE_TO_FETCH_REQUESTED_RESOURCE”}]}

Kind regards,
Vladimir Nesic

Hi @nevlad , welcome to the community.

I would say, seeing the screenshot, as your project seems to not contain that much data (but i may be wrong), the simplest way would be to delete it, and reimport the correct repository.

If this is not an option, let us know, we’ll see what we can do.


Hi @mickaelcaro,
After deletion of old one and creation of new project everything is working fine.


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