404 error on pull requests

We’re encountering an error with adding a new repo to our private SonarCloud. We’ve been able to add several other repositories using the same methods, but one is not working. The pipeline succeed when run on a trigger in the branch, but when triggered by a pull request we the attached error.

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Error observed:
Could not find the pullrequest with key '71'
ERROR: Caused by: Error 404 on https://sonarcloud.io/api/alm_integration/show_pullrequest?project=name&pullrequestKey=71 : {"errors":[{"msg":"Requested resource wasn\u0027t found on Azure DevOps.","reason":"AZURE_DEVOPS_UNABLE_TO_FETCH_REQUESTED_RESOURCE"}]}
ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution

Hey there @akinm

I am going to send you a private message.

Working with @akinm we realized that the wrong project key was being used – the result of having two repositories in separate Azure DevOps projects (in the same organization) with the same name. Once the right project key was used, the issue was resolved.

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