Azure DevOps automatic project key

Basic info:

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps

Is there a way how to change the way a project key is generated for projects migrated/integrated from Azure DevOps?
As for now it is generated like "{CompanyKey}_{repositoryName}” (this also suggest the project key would need to be unique among all SonarCloud accounts?).
Can this be changed in some configuration? We would need to add “projectName” from Azure DevOps. Or be able to change it somehow later on.
Right now the only workaround is to create new projects manually.

Context: we have tens of projects in Azure DevOps and each of the project can have multiple repositories. We have e.g. “Oriflame Core Libraries” project with tens of repositories, each represents one nuget. We have something similar for frontend components (tens of npm packages).
Having the projects identified only by “CompanyKey_RepositoryName” would make a mess in SonarCloud portal.

I would suggest opt-in to include also Project Name and to have the project name also in the “Display” name of the SonarCloud project.

E.g. we would have project
key: OriflameKey_OriflameCoreLibraries_MyGreatLibrary
DisplayName: OriflameCoreLibraries/MyGreatLibrary

Workaround is of course to create each project manually in SonarCloud…something you do not want to do a hundred times …

UPDATE: found a way how to update the key of the project… but not how to update the display name (of project integrated to Azure DevOps)

UPDATE2: just found this: Unable to change project display name + No spaces allowed (SonarQube Server GUI) - #4 by Rebse seems you can not change the project Name via the UI and that the project key is unique…