Autoscans failing, you are not authorized to run analysis

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pipe: sonarsource/sonarcloud-scan:1.0.1

This is for a private repo, I have all the builds failing from last two days on the pipeline. No Change has been done on the pipeline or the configuration files.

The error message I am getting is
ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution

ERROR: You're not authorized to run analysis. Please contact the project $ARTIFACTORY_USERistrator.

Would be great if someone can help

Is this really in the error message?

That is, the “$ARTIFACTORY_USERistrator” part looks extremely strange.

Are you sure the SONAR_TOKEN variable is correctly set, it has not been revoked at SonarCloud side, and it still has permission to perform scans? As a sanity check, you may want to create a new token and try with that.

Lastly, it’s probably not a problem, in any case I suggest to replace the pipe version 1.0.1 with the latest 1.1.

Thanks Janos,

We are trying both steps mentioned by you. How do we check if it still has the ability to perform scans?

The output of the scanner includes a link to the dashboard on SonarCloud. Follow that!