Automatic analysis now supports .NET Framework projects

Hi there, fellow .NET developers,

We are proud to announce that SonarCloud now supports Automatic Analysis for .NET Framework projects on Github.

Until now, we could analyze your .NET (sdk-style) projects automatically without requiring any configuration on your part. Starting today, we can also scan your .NET Framework projects automatically! And yes, I am talking about the old-style, non-sdk projects that we all know and love.
We also support Shared Projects (shproj) if you use those.
We hope this will make it easier to quickly start analyzing existing code that you do not have the time or means to port to .NET.

Enjoy easy scanning and let us know what you think.


Is there any benefit to running the scanner as part of our own pipelines still?

Two benefits of using CI analysis and not just Autoscan at this time:

  1. You need code coverage measurements, as this is not yet supported in Automatic Analysis
  2. You need the extra precision that comes with building the exact set of projects you want (for example, you might have examples you do not care about, or a tricky build process that changes the results for any reason)