Automatic analysis is now available for C and C++ projects

Hello everyone,

Once deemed impossible to achieve, here it is.
Automatic analysis for C and C++ is now available for all GitHub users on SonarCloud :sonarcloud:.
Note that it is totally free for public projects.

Checking your compiler is supported, wrapping up your build or finding a way to generate a compilation database, altering your CI, and dealing with possible corner cases. All these technicalities are not needed anymore. All you need to analyze your C and C++ project is one click—nothing more to do on your side. In most cases, that’s the only analysis you need. The analysis is as good as the CI-based one.

SonarCloud now supports Automatic Analysis for 21 languages, including (C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and C#).

You can find more information about this here and in our documentation.



A follow-up on the automatic analysis for C and C++.
Here is a blog post telling you more about it: why we got there, how we got there, and what it can do for you.


Nice feature. Is something like this also planned for GitLab?

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Hello @Matthias.Guelck

Having this feature for GitLab is under consideration.
It is not currently in our short-term roadmap.