Automatic analysis is now available for .NET projects on GitHub

Hello .NET developers,

Today, we released automatic analysis for .NET projects using GitHub. With just a couple clicks, you’ll get immediate, actionable feedback to ensure you’re following Sonar Clean Code best practices. This feature is perfect if you’re just getting started with Sonar or for a quick analysis on a new project to see where things stand. For the most complete experience we still recommend integrating Sonar with your CI-based workflow. We provide guidance on how to switch directly in the user interface.

You can find more information about automatic analysis and its current limitations for .NET here.



Hi how will this influence the billing for the number of lines of code?

Hello @rvdkraan ,

Welcome to the community!

The analysis method used (automatic analysis or CI-based analysis) does not influence billing, so nothing will change in that regard with this feature.