Auto Update Quality Profile Rule in Custom Quality Profile

I am getting an issue as i am using the my own custom Quality Profile, getting issue as after system update it added some more rules in custom quality profile and my code smells and bug increased in my core when i ran the analysis further, I want system can not update the custom quality gate.

please provide me setting from where i can stop the system update rules in my quality profile.


It sounds like your profile is inherited / extended from Sonar way, which would lead - possibly - to new rules in your profile after an upgrade.

To eliminate this possibility, you need an entirely independent profile, which you’ll need to create from scratch. You don’t mention your SonarQube version, but in the latest versions, copying an existing profile is part of the Quality Profile creation dialog.

That said, it’s worth pointing out that even without new rules in your profile, it’s possible (likely?) for additional issues to crop up after an upgrade because rules get smarter with each new version.