Auto Installation plugin IDE

Hello, is there a way to install it in the current opened idea?

I’m looking for a way to configure a project to enable all devs that clone and open it to be able to install the sonnarlint (without sending them a e-mail and asking to install it)

I was planning to use gradle to check if current IDE folder has the plugin in the plugins folder and show some kind of alert in the logcat, but the question is: how to check which android studio version user is using? i know the situation where he can run the task thru cli, but of course in this case its impossible to handle.

Someone has a alternative or way to keep all devs with things working and installed without calling or sending them a e-mail about the plugin?

Hey there,

Am not familiar with Android Studio so cannot help much specifically on that. However what comes to mind is that SonarLint exists across various IDEs, while your query seems specifically related to plugins installation in Android Studio (almost independently of SonarLint itself). It’s possible some SonarLint users have inputs for you here, and at the same time I would suggest you seek advice from Android Studio community too. (as guidelines for other plugins might equally apply to your case)

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