Will the SonarLint plugin be available for the Aqua IDE?

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  • Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04
  • IDE name and flavor/env: Jetbrains Aqua 2023.1

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This is more of a future proof question. Is it expected for the plugin to be available for the Aqua IDE once it exits the public preview or even during the public preview? SonarCloud is a large part of the QA work done in my organization and now that we are changing our automation efforts to depend on this IDE we would like to know the availability of said plugin.

Hello @luiscampos and welcome to the Sonar community forum!
Thanks for the questions, supporting Aqua is indeed something we’ll be surely looking at, although it is not yet part of our next priorities yet. Do you already use SonarLint in other IntelliJ IDEs? And what languages and test frameworks do you use in Aqua?

I used SonarLint previously in IntelliJ. As for the languages used in the test frameworks we currently have our automation using Java with Selenide/Gradle/TestNg and will be looking at adding Playwright in the future.

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