Auto analysis failed: AW-LTQ-OHB-lBSBcRCmS

I’m trying to run an auto-test on my Git hub folders
A popup comes and it reads:
“”“The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts, please contact us on Community forum and provide the following failing analysis ID: “AW-LTQ-OHB-lBSBcRCmS”.”""

Welcome to the community!

I was able to reproduce the problem: the scanner crashes for some reason when analyzing this project. We will investigate and keep you posted.

Hi @ArjunSarihyan,

The analysis is failing because of this pretty big file on your GitHub project:

We will provide a fix for this bug in the next release of our Python analyzer.

For the time being, as a workaround, I’d suggest excluding this particular file from being analyzed by configuring sonar.exclusions property in file.

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