Authentication failed for new sonar install

Hi Team,
I have installed sonar in my local Mac machine with homebrew. Here are commands I used

brew install sonarqube
brew install sonar-scanner

Sonar version - 10.4.1
Sonar scanner - 5.0.1
Java install - 17

When I start the service and try login with admin/admin it always gives authentication failed though its a new setup.

So far tried with java 11, reinstalling. Any help is appreciated.


Welcome to the community!

What do your server logs say?


Nothing suspicious in logs. I dont see any error/exceptions.


You say your SonarQube is a new installation. Are you using the embedded H2 DB, or pointing to an external DB? And if the latter, perhaps you need to reinstate admin access.


Yes its using embedded H2 DB. Connected to that and resetting admin password helped.

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Iā€™m glad you worked through this.

Just be very aware that H2 is provided only for evaluation and is not supported for production.