APEX Language Parser Support above 50.1.10

I am on a project that is evaluating SonarQube Enterprise for an APEX security assesment.
I want to confirm before use that SonarQube has adequate language support for APEX.
As of right now, the latest issue I can find on SonarQube’s Jira is parser support for APEX 50.1.0

Link is here : [SONARSLANG-523] Update Apex Parser to 50.1.0 - SonarSource

  1. Is this the latest version of APEX that SonarQube enterprise supports?
  2. If there is a later version, where can that be confirmed?

Hello @aworm

You are right, the Apex analyzer currently supports v50.1.0.
I agree that the information is not easily accessible, we plan to improve this in the future.

In addition, I created a ticket to update the version (see SONARSLANG-542). You can track it to be warned when we will support the latest one.