Sonar free edition can scan Apex language?

Hi Team.
I using Sonar free edition. I need scan source code used Apex language.
But I read in document that “Apex analysis is available as part of the Enterprise Edition and above 8.0 version”
I’m confuse about that.
Can I scan Apex language with free edition.
Currently, I scanning source code Apex but not analyzed file .cls
This is my code:

     stage('Sonarqube') {
            steps {
                bat "sonar-scanner "+
                    "-Dsonar.login=${token_sonarqube} "+
                    "${sonar_host_url} "+
                    "-Dsonar.projectKey=${project} "+
                    "-Dsonar.projectName=${project} "+
                    "-Dsonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8 "+
                    //  "-Dsonar.inclusions=**/*.cls " + 
                    "-Dsonar.language=apex " + 
                    "-Dsonar.apex.coverage.reportPath=path_to_file_report " +
                    // "${branch} "+
                    //"${branch} " +
                    // "-Dsonar.typescript.lcov.reportPaths= "+
                    "-Dsonar.sources=. "+  

I don’t know my code wrong or free edition not support!
Please support me ASAP
Thank so much!

Apex is available starting in Enterprise Edition. It is not available in Community Edition.

Thank you!! @Colin

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