Answering some questions about the upcoming SonarQube v8.x LTS

Hello SonarQube Users!

In our Community, we field a lot of questions about the upcoming SonarQube v8.x LTS, and it’s easier (for us and for you) if we have one place to refer to.

When will SonarQube v8.x LTS be released?

We are targeting early Q2 2021. May 4th, 2021!

Which version will it be?

We know better than to commit to a specific version, but right now it appears that it will be v8.9 LTS.

Whatever version it is – it will immediately be advertised as an LTS (a version is not released and then promoted to an LTS)

It will be v8.9 LTS

How can I know when it is released?

Subscribe to Product Announcements at (scroll to the bottom of the page)!

Why has it taken longer than 18 months to release a new LTS version?

We want to make sure we release a version that we’re proud of, and that is full of features that are hardened and secure. This time, it has taken us a few extra months.

Until when will SonarQube v7.9 LTS be supported?

When SonarQube v8.x LTS is released, you can expect no further maintenance releases of SonarQube v7.9 LTS.

We declare an LTS truly EOL after six months have passed following a new LTS release, so unless you come to us with a question about upgrading… after that time we’ll probably just tell you: come back when you’ve upgraded. :slight_smile:

Read more about what it means for an LTS to be supported here.

What will be included in the v8.x LTS?

You can be sure we’re preparing buckets of Marketing content :wink:. For now, you can checkout What’s New in SonarQube for our v8.x versions.

An LTS version is the final release of a given series (v7.x, v8.x) and includes all the features developed for that series.

A few more things are still in the pipe!

Will Java 11 be required scanner-side?

No. We have decided to bump that requirement to v9.x, and this will be reflected in documentation/scanner warnings in v8.8.

What can I do now to prepare for my upgrade?

I have other questions, how do I raise them?

Please raise a new topic in Get Help > SonarQube. They might get added to this topic if they are useful to other users!