SonarQube LTS Releases

Dear team,
just a quick question: the latest LTS version is 7.9, is there any plans to release new LTS (I mean maybe this is a cyclic process or even new LTS in development).

Hope my question is clear =)

Really appreciate your work and your help,
thanks a lot, P.


The LTS cycle is ~18 months. 7.9(.0) was released on 1 July 2019. That puts the ETA for the 8.x LTS at the beginning of 2021. (Don’t look for it on 1 Jan. tho! We’ll all be sleeping in. :joy:)

During that 18-month cycle, point versions of the current LTS are released to address bugs. The most current version of the LTS is 7.9.3.

Does that answer your question?



I know that developers don’t sleep, so I will wait for 1st Jan =)
Ann, thanks a lot for the good answer =)

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