Analyzing Github Code

Hi guys,

I’m using Sonarqube for onw week now so pls be patient with me :wink:

I’m uploading ABAP code from my SAP system to Github repo which is connected to one project. As long as the files have a suffix like .abap … the code is automatically added and scanned. But when I send the code from SAP directly without manual renaming the file the files have no suffix and the code is not available in Sonaqube. Is there a way to scan all files in Github repo without filtering names / suffixes? I tried to remove the suffixes from list in the project settings but an error comes up and says at least one suffix has to be given. ‘*’ also does not work because it indicates that there is a suffix.

There will only be ABAP code.


Hey there.

Try configuring this as a property when you scan (either passed to the command line or included in a file)


This works absolutely fine. Thanks

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