ABAP analysis support

Hi, I am writing to inquire about specific aspects of using SonarQube for ABAP code analysis. we have encountered a few areas where enhancements would be greatly beneficial.

  1. Customization of ABAP Detection Rules: We have noticed that the current set of rules for ABAP code scanning in SonarQube is quite basic and limited in number. Given the complexity and uniqueness of ABAP projects, having a broader and more customizable set of rules would significantly improve our code quality checks. Is there a possibility to expand or customize the detection rules specific to ABAP within SonarQube?

  2. Support for S/4HANA Syntax: With the upgrade of SAP to S/4HANA, we are anticipating the use of new ABAP syntax and functionalities. Can you confirm if SonarQube is equipped to support this new syntax and if there are updates or plugins available to ensure compatibility with S/4HANA?

  3. Integration with abapGit for Improved Usability: Currently, our process involves manually exporting ABAP source code for analysis in SonarQube, which is cumbersome and inefficient. We are considering integrating abapGit to streamline this process. Could you advise if implementing abapGit would allow us to directly link our ABAP codebase with GitLab CI/CD pipelines for automatic scanning with SonarQube? If so, are there any specific configurations or steps required to achieve this integration effectively?


Thanks for your patience.

  1. We would love also to add more rules. It’s all a matter of priorities and these days, priorities are more on other languages than ABAP. Today, it’s not possible to write custom rules but that could be an option to leverage our community. The only option to see the issues of your custom rules would be to write your own analyzer, and load the issues using the Generic Issues format.

  2. As far as I know, we already support S/4HANA. If there are some new syntaxes that are not covered, that’s something we can easily adjust. The best here is to try to scan these files and come back to us in case of parse errors so we can investigate.

  3. Sonar supports GitLab CI/CD out of the box, it’s part of the tutorials you can following directly in the SonarQube UI so if your ABAP code is stored on GitLab (or GitHub), you will have no problem scanning your ABAP code.