Sonarqube and ABAP


I have a SonarQube developer Edition and I want to analisis ABAP code but there is not a clear steps todo it. Any one know a manual or steps to extract the ABAP SC to my Filesystem?


Hi @aaron.hernandez,

you may find some info on the docs:


Hi Carine.

Thanks for the answer, but I have read that information before and still have no idea how to do the analysis. It is not enough information.
I think there should be a manual to perfom the source code extraction process.


Hi Aaron,

This is a question best asked of your developers or administrator of your SAP system. We do not provide tools for extracting ABAP.

Once the source is on a system that can run the SonarScanner, you can run an analysis using the documented instructions.



Hi Brian

I’ve used the Mass download as the next link says

And I could obtain the source code in my Filesystem

But still ABAP is not detected by Sonarqube

The massdownload brings two options to download the ABAP sc, html and txt, using the txt option sonarqube only run the scan but dont show something related to ABAP, instead using the HTML option Sonarqube only detect the HTML code ignoring the ABAP sc.

So what do I need to analize my ABAP SC? (17.3 KB) (23.9 KB)

The ABAP source code I’ve download is attached here. Can you help me?

Hi Aaron,

It looks like the ABAP source is being extracted to .txt files. If this is the case you’ll need to use a recognized file extension (.abap, .ab4, .flow or .asprog) or make sure that .txt extension is registered as ABAP in SonarQube. You can register .txt as an ABAP extension by setting sonar.abap.file.suffixes either in your command line, file or via Administration > Languages > ABAP in the SonarQube UI.


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